Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8-- Birthday!!!!

Today was my 20th birthday! I don't really care about birthdays all that much (summer birthdays kind of suck), so I went out to a nice, quiet dinner in Reston with my parents, cousins Steph and Lyss, and Steph's hubby David. It was very cute. Now I'm off to celebrate in Ballston for the rest of the night. Til tomorrow!

Dresses (mine and Lyss')- Anthro
Shoes- DSW
Clutch- Brighton
Necklace- handmade by MaruMaru

update: to show how much I've changed, I've decided to add pictures from a few past birthdays:
my 18th

And 19th! Can we all agree I'm better as a brunette?


Elaine said...

Happy birthday!!!! Hope you had a great one! I am like that too...I prefer a small get-together than a big party. I love your birthday dress. The blue looks sooo good on you! As for your hair color, the blonde hair makes you look more approachable but the dark hair makes you look more mysterious and sexy. So brunette it is!! ;) And to reply to your comment on my blog....they were pants :) I get that a lot though!

Anonymous said...

happy belated! love that blue dress and i def prefer you with dark hair:)

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