Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Shower Chic

My friend Melissa is getting married in September and tonight she had a wedding shower/lingerie party. Here's what I wore:
July 31st 1
July 31st 2
I was a little iffy about the high heels at first but I just got them two days ago and i literally had to wear them today because I can't take them off.
July 31st 3
dress- F21
shoes- Michael Kors
necklace- Works in Progress
earrings- Eastern Market

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Scarf Part II

Saw this scarf-turban tutorial from What I Wore on Lemondrop. Today was a terrible hair day for me so I got to put it to use right away:
July 28th 2010 2
In other news, happy blogoversary to me! I started this blog on July 28th 2009. How has my style evolved since last summer? Check out the archives to see some of my past looks.

dress- Anthro
scarf- store in Montmartre, Paris
jewelry- street vendor in NYC
shoes- random beach store

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Scarf

Summer scarf? Not my best idea. It's kind of hot out. But I did need something to punch up this otherwise boring outfit.
July 25th 3
Bitch pose. I'm judging you.
July 25th 7
July 25th 6
Special appearance by my 11th grade prom purse:
July 25th 4
July 25th 5
Who's a recessionista?!

skirt- Old Navy
tank and shoes- Etam
bag- H&M
scarf- Gap
bracelet- Brighton

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Accidental Patriot

How do you like my red, white, and blue? Totally not planned.
July 21st 2
Super scenic photoshoot on Staten Island. If you squint reeeeaaaaally hard you can see Manhattan in the background.
July 21st 3
July 21st 4
I got a great shot of Lady Liberty on the way over. It took a lot of effort, though, the woman is such a minx!
July 21st 1

dress- Zara Paris
shoes- Target
bag- vintage Dooney and Bourke
sunglasses- H&M

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thinking up titles for posts is annoying

Today was a beautiful day in the city. I met up with Emma again during her lunch break for Crumbs cupcakes and casual conversation in Bryant Park.
The real piece of resistance:
A vintage Dooney and Bourke messenger bag. You can tell I'm in love by the way I have it cradled in my arms like a child. There's only one thing I love more.

Check out the fall version of this outfit, too. I mean like, if you're into that sorta thing.

top- Macys
shorts- F21 jeans I chopped up
sandals- Target
belt- Aero
sunglasses- H&M
bag- vintage Dooney and Bourke, Brooklyn Flea

Monday, July 19, 2010

So much drama in the NYC

Times Square tourist photo shoot courtesy of my favorite Emma Aubry of La Vie en Ginger. Exposure was too high on my shitty camera (my fault) so they came out a little grainy but I'm not too torn up about it.
July 19th 2
What am I doing in New York City? Well, so far I have browsed vintage goods at Brooklyn Flea, ridden the Cyclone roller coaster and eaten greasy onion rings at Coney Island, window-shopped on 5th Avenue, and ordered a drink from probably every single Starbucks in the city. What's next: bumming around SoHo, visiting the MET Costume Institute to check out the "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" exhibit (that I read about in two separate Vogues) and, finally, a 5-hour bus ride back to Union Station on Thursday to be reunited with the white monuments and disgruntled politicians of my homeland. East Coast one love.

Skirt- Kimchi Blue, borrowed from Sylvia
tank- Etam
vest- F21
shoes- target
bag- Coach outlet

Monday, July 5, 2010

Style Icon: Marion Cotillard in Vogue

Two style icon posts one after the other?! Sure, it's partly because I'm lazy and sartorially uninspired as of late, but also because when I saw French actress Marion Cotillard's Vogue photoshoot I had to share!
Marion Cotillard Vogue 1
Marion Cotillard Vogue 2
Marion Cotillard Vogue 3
Marion Cotillard Vogue 4
Marion Cotillard Vogue 5
Marion Cotillard Vogue 6
Marion Cotillard Vogue 7
I love the way the stunning mademoiselle has been styled in sexy yet classy lingerie-inspired pieces. This looks almost as good as that one time I tried to wear a nightgown as a dress. Check out the interview, set in my former home, Paris, at the Vogue website.
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