Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water

Greetings from New Hampshire! I'm up at my Uncle's lake house with my family until Sunday. I didn't pack too much, since I expect to be either in a bathing suit or sweatpants for most of the weekend (did I just break some fashion blogger code by admitting that?), but I did bring a nice-ish outfit in case we went out to dinner one night. That night ended up being tonight:
H&M dress via Goodwill; F21 vest (also worn here, here and here); LOFT scarf and shoes; Topshop purse

Now, let me go put on my sweatpants and you can tell me all about your holiday weekend plans!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashionable Friends: decorating lessons my friend Sylvia unintentionally taught me

I had just about forgotten how adorable Somerville is when my friend Sylvia, who just graduated from Tufts, invited me to hang out in Davis Square for the day. So I threw on a totally average outfit, hopped the 64 bus, and made my way across the Charles. We got Indian food for lunch, perused a farmer's market, and browsed through a vintage shop (totes an indie afternoon, amirite?), before heading back to her new abode for some Coke Zero and fashion talk. As soon as I walked into her little room I was obsessed. Of course I had already known she was extremely stylish (she is my friend, after all) but the way she optimized her space was so efficient I just had to share it with you guys (with her permission, of course). What can we learn from her, class?

1. If your room/apartment doesn't have a closet, buy a cheap rolling rack and hang your clothes on it
2. Use your accessories as decorations
3. Always display your most prized possessions in a prominent place
4. When you don't need your desk for homework, use it as a huge, open, jewelry box!
We spent most of the afternoon trying on her clothes and having a mini fashion shoot, from which most of the pictures look like this:
I managed to get a semi-candid pic of her that I LOVE
aaaaand you can really see my new hair color in the next one!

I really want to make Fashionable Friends a regular segment on Adelaide Stayed. I'm trying to steer the blog away from being The Emily Show 24/7, so to all my friends and family who are reading this right now... I'm taking applications :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grad Party

Today I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Sudbury. A few months ago they offered to throw a graduation party for yours truly, and this weekend was the most convenient for most of my relatives. It was pretty low-key, so I chose to wear a pretty but simple dress I found at Goodwill this past week and some black pumps, which I ended up taking off pretty soon after these pictures were taken.
Zara dress; H&M pumps; Brighton Collectibles bracelet
All in all, it was a great party with great people, not to mention that I scored a TON of leftovers to bring back to Boston. Seriously one full ton and I can't eat it all. Dinner party at my place tomorrow!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vegetarian Gourmet: Frozen banana peanut butter bites

Whether you're looking to lower your grocery bill, improve your health, or shrink your carbon footprint, eating less meat can help you reach your goals. Vegetarian Gourmet is a segment in which I share recipes for healthy meatless meals and snacks. It's also a segment in which I prove to my friends who read the blog that I don't eat rabbit food for every meal. This week's dish is super, super quick and easy, and perfect for those sweltering hot summer days.

You'll need:
-A banana
-A few ounces of peanut butter
-A knife
-A freezer

1. Cut the banana into small, round slices.
2. Top each slice with a dollop of peanut butter.
3. Freeze overnight.

And enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The tall and short of the matter

So, a miraculous event happened yesterday when I was in the dressing room of Buffalo Exchange.  After a year-long search I finally found a romper that doesn't give me a raging, angry camel toe.
Target romper via Buffalo Exchange; Vintage belt borrowed from this dress; Brighton watch; Antique ring; So Good necklace; Target sandals
At 5'7" I get that I'm taller than most women, but not by that much. Why has finding rompers, one-piece bathing suits, etc. that are tall enough for my torso always been a problem? Does anyone else have this issue? I'm always curious about how tall or short other bloggers are because it's so hard for me to tell based only on pictures. How tall are you, and if you could change your height would you like to be taller/shorter?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


If I have a sexy orange glow in any of the following photos it's because I am a naturally golden-skinned beach goddess and definitely not because I recently underwent a troubling self-tanner mishap. Ok, fine, it was Jergens' fault and I feel my story must be shared. Yesterday I smeared on a generous helping of tanning creme, taking special care to spread an even layer over my skin to avoid looking like a hot streaky mess. Fast forward to 9:30 this morning when I stumbled into my bathroom and froze in horror when I saw my reflection. Not to be unoriginal, but I looked just like any one of those neon buffoons from Jersey Shore after a marathon sesh of T (no G or L for me, thanks). I was able to to scrub most of it off in the shower, but a thin layer remains. It'll be gone by tomorrow so yuk it up while you can.
Thrifted purse; thrifted skirt (remixed here and here); Madewell shoes (remixed here); F21 belt and jewelry; top from a random boutique in LA (remixed here)
After I calmed down from the morning's trauma, I managed to visit to the frozen yogurt place down the street from my apartment building.
And I was accompanied by these lovely ladies:

Please tell me your day was less stressful than mine.
Photos by Teo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two skirts make a dress

Taking some cues from Jessie's shirt-skirt post, I got the idea to do the opposite and use a skirt as a shirt. This particular skirt actually started out as a strapless dress, which I of course maimed, almost ruined, and then restyled. Jagged edges aside I like it much more like this. Isn't remixing awesome?! Whole new look, $0 spent.
Wet Seal skirt-shirt; H&M regular skirt; thrifted purse; Laila Rowe sandals; F21 earrings, belt and bracelet; bird necklace I literally found in a pile of trash
If you read my outfit details you'll notice I found this necklace in a pile of trash. A few weeks ago when everyone was moving out of my dorm, an area in the lobby was designated as a place to put all unwanted items students couldn't bring with them when they left. The items were gradually donated to the local Goodwill. The pile grew and grew until it took up an area of about 25x25 square feet, and since there was no way Goodwill could accommodate all the stuff, it was pretty much up for grabs. This was great for me, as I was allowed to live out my dream of being a freegan and wade through a waist-deep collection of crap, taking with me as much as I could carry back to my new apartment. I only ended up taking a few books, a poster, and this pretty bird necklace. I'm really happy that I found it, too, because now whenever I feel like an outfit is too plain I can just put a bird on it.
Monique actually made out pretty well, too. She managed to pick up a perfectly good coffee maker, which was responsible for making this delicious dumpster coffee I enjoyed while admiring her new apartment:

Photos (except the last one) by Monique

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The City's Summer

Quick post today. Spent the day at the gym/wandering around Allston with Monique. Wore a dress I bought on sale during my trip back to Virginia. What did you do today?
Delia's dress; family heirloom necklace; F21 bangles; H&M sunglasses; Charlotte Russe ring; Blowfish shoes; thrifted purse
Photos by Monique:

Monday, June 13, 2011


Graffiti-covered walls and elaborate murals are part of the reason why I love living in an urban area. Fortunately for me, the greater Boston area is full of both of these types of street art. While out for lunch in Brookline, my friend Casey and I came across a wall that nicely matched my outfit.
Urban Outfitters skirt and necklace; F21 vest (remixed here and here); thrifted H&M top, H&M bag and sunglasses


Photos by Casey
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