Sunday, December 27, 2009

Puttin on the Ritz

Today I went to a matinee showing of Young Frankenstein at the Kennedy Center with my mom and aunt. It was hysterical. Everyone should go.
Generally you will never see me wearing anything resembling pants when a dress/skirt is more appropriate but I made an exception today because I was really feeling this look:

cardigan- Nordstrom
pleather pants- Urban
bag- NY&Co
shoes- H&M
ring- heirloom
pearls- gift from my family friend Catherine Wu

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For a little change of pace
Forgive my vanity.
hat- F21
bow- H&M
tank- Victoria's Secret

Maybelline Mineral Power foundation
Awake blush in Lotus Pink (mixed with a little vaseline to double as lipstick)
Tarte bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (as a cheek contour)
Maybelline Intense XXL Mascara in Black
Revlon eyelash curler (the most important part)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Zero as brow powder

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If it makes you happy

Thanks to Alana, aka the Good Girl Gone Blog for my first ever blog award!
Here are the award rules:
Copy the award image in your post. Then, list 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
Latte Foam on the top of a cup of Chai that's not too syrupy
Cupcakes, either homemade by Cmita or from Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville (like the mojito-flavored delight pictured above)
High heels that make you stand up straight and walk with a sexy little swing in your hips
Soft pink, the color of everything in my room in Virginia
Tasia Marie Isabel Queen Schoeller-Saltzberg, the sweetest, most loving pooch in the world
Fake eyelashes, especially when they go on easily and don't get glue all over your eyelid or poke you in the retina whenever you blink
Facebook notifications that pop up on the bottom of my screen when I'm least expecting them
My sister Lolly, who has Pallister-Killian Syndrome and has also taught me more about life than any professor
Beautiful women, because I'm confident enough in my sexuality to admit that I would rather admire another woman's looks than focus on her imperfections to make myself feel better about my own
A single rose from a man at the start of our first date.

What makes you guys happy? I'd like to know, Emma, Kellie, Samantha, Taylor, Elaine, Bug, Sarah, Chelsea, Lily, and D.


If I were a dinosaur, I would be one of these:

What a sweet little face!
It took be about 5 minutes to remember what this guy is actually called. My first guess was Stegosaurus-- dinosaur recognition fail. It's actually a Brontosaurus. Whatever, though, it's still me in dino form.

shirt- Forever 21 (not available online, unfortunately)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot Child(ren) in the City

Classes ended on Friday so while everyone else was studying for finals Monique, Liz and I decided to spend the weekend in NYC. Good decision? Yes. Epically good decision.
Day one started out with some sightseeing, including Times Square shenanigans (excuse my marshmallow coat, I clearly chose warmth over style)And touristing at Rockefeller Center:And ended with dinner at a fancy restaurant
Best picture I could get of the threads. You like?Day 2 was shopping. Just shopping. It was like a dream. In the morning we hit up Macy's and Forever 21, then took the T (sorry, the Subway) to SoHo and went to a few more places there. I would have to say the honor of best decorations goes to Macy's:
Although Anthro's window displays were magical:
Included among other trip highlights were Santas with boomboxes:
Finding our way to famed restaurant/sweet shop Serendipity but not actually eating there (No dessert reservations? 2-hour wait to be seated? Really? Fail.)
And roaming around Herald Square in search of a lunch cafe
I think this building looks exactly like BU's College of Arts and Sciences, just 100 stories taller. It's probably a combo of the rectangular red flags and also the fact that this building IS CAS NYC VERSION. They're identical.

Hope everyone else's weekend was as fabulous as mine and happy studying to all who are finishing up the semester! Daily outfit posts will most likely resume next Tuesday when I'll be blogging from Home Sweet Virginia once more.

Dinner Outfit Details:
dress- Urban
vest- F21
shoes- ?
tights- Ann Taylor Loft (I got an amazing deal. go to ATL now and buy tights!)
necklace- The Limited
Coat- North Face

Friday, December 11, 2009

Forgot to mention one little thing-- a ring!

Well, I'm jetting (or bussing, really) off to NYC at 6am tomorrow. I'll be back late Sunday night but probably won't have the chance to update. So here's a picture of me and Monique on our way to a holiday-themed party.
I know the boots don't really go. Whatever. Judgment-free zone.

My outfit:
top- Charlotte Russe
leggings- American Apparel
boots- Target
hat- CVS

Monique's Outfit:
top- F21
leggings- ??
boots- Macy's
huge bow- CVS

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Vision

I bought this belt several weeks ago with the intention of wearing it with this exact dress. Like when I was standing in front of the mirror at Forever 21, trying desperately to fasten it over my disgusting 14-year-old 49ers t-shirt, I was all of a sudden struck with a vision of myself wearing this dress with this belt and being the happiest and most stylish person on Earth. Unfortunately when I brought it home I realized one of the studs was loose and was dangerously close to falling out. Vision ruined? I thought so. Good thing I randomly found some Krazy glue at Kinko's and was able to salvage it after almost gluing my fingers to everything I own:
It's the perfect mix of demure and edgy.

Can you tell which stud almost quit on me? No? That's because I'm really badass at fixing stuff.
Remember a few weeks ago when I ripped a hole in these tights?
They're still kickin'!

dress- H&M
tights- Hue?
boots- Target
belt- F21

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Violets are violet, actually, that's why they're called "violets"

I just bought this dress at the Urban in Harvard Square last week. I'm actually kind of obsessed at this point. There's really nothing all that special about it and I usually hate purple but there's just something about the fit that I just love. Originally I was going to save it for my weekend trip to NYC but instant gratification won out in the end. Like it does most of the time.
Silly! Myspace shots never get old. Not even when you're 20.
My beautiful necklace was made by Kelsey of Works in Progress! Click here for her blog
I need to get some more tights before my semester in Paris! These are my favorite pair; Unfortunately they're riddled with holes at this point so I may have to toss them. I can't even remember where I bought them! Not fair!
dress- Urban
necklace- Works in Progress
boots- Target

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So close and yet so far...

... from the end of the semester! No time for witty commentary! So many things due tomorrow!

If you're interested, check out other ways I've styled this dress here and here.

dress- thrifted
boots- target
necklace- Urban

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plaid about you

Oh hey, more red plaid. And a really original pun.
The other day, Liz and I went to Harvard square and I bought some red lipstick (inspired by Jessica's photoshoot) from The Body Shop. The color I decided on is called Rich Scarlet and I was so excited I decided to try it out today.
I like it because it's pretty sheer and glides on easily.

What do you guys think? Can I pull it off or is it too much?

top- Charlotte Russe
pants- ?
necklace- Urban (on sale right now!)
shoes- target

Thursday, December 3, 2009

When did Ann Taylor get so hip?

Today I took a trip to Schoenhof's in Harvard Square to pick up a French book I probably should have bought 3 months ago when I got the syllabus. Since the train ride there was an hour and buying the book took all of a minute (I called ahead and put it in hold. Sometimes I have good ideas.) I decided to take advantage of the 65 degree weather and poke around a little bit before going back into the city. So I poked. And I poked. Then I found Ann Taylor and the poking stopped and the coveting began. If you're looking for luxurious, relatively reasonably priced apparel and accessories for the women in your life (and I know you are at this time of year!) you should definitely check out their store. The website won't let me copy their pictures so I'm just going to link you guys to some of my favorites:

This sweater on sale for $29.50 reduced from $75!

This tweed mini that will make your legs go on for miles

This pretty top with a really nice detail on the neckline

These kind of pricey cashmere lounge pants that I would probably wear a little lower on my hips to avoid looking like I have the hoof of a certain desert mammal...

And all of the jewelry on this page (too bad they don't have the ring I tried on at the store today. Maybe I'll buy it and feature it in a future post)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cheating the System

Confession time: I love thigh-highs. I literally go ape shit for anything over the knee. So imagine how happy I was when I figured out a way to wear these without freezing my legs off (not a joke, I would lose my legs to frostbite this time of year): socks over tights!
Pretty sweet, right?
The socks stayed up so well with the tights I didn't even have to wear a garter belt.

dress- Urban
tights- Hue
socks- random Macy's brand
bracelet- gift
shoes- Target
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