Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The best thing ever

Ladies and... let's be honest, other ladies, I would like to introduce you to you my new favorite piece of clothing. The article that elicited a chorus of "ooh"s and "ah"s and "I love your dress!!!!"es from all who were graced by my presence today. The simple piece of cloth and buttons that effortlessly combines '50s housewife, sexy librarian, and any other retro stereotype you can imagine. I present to you, my most prized thrift store purchase of all time:
Did I build it up too much? No? It's flawless? It's perfect? Feel free to ogle for as long as you so please. Did I mention it was $8?

I spent the day on Newbury Street using up all my money on posters for my room and cookies for my pot belly:

Finally got to pick up my free birthday lipgloss package (Sephora Beauty Insider card, girls! Just do it!):And afterwards I dressed it up with a bun and a swipe of eyeliner for a classy dining hall dinner:

dress- thrifted
earrings- eastern Market
shoes- Target

P.S. Do I get some kind of award for wearing the same shoes every day for almost a week?

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