Saturday, September 5, 2009

The trifecta

Today I went to Davis Square (red line) with some beautiful girls for some coffee, cupcakes, and vintage-- a trifecta of favorites for me. Where did we find these things? Diesel Coffee, Kickass Cupcakes, and Poor Little Rich Girl. I didn't buy any clothes but I did get some delicious food and drink from the other two, plus a cute poster from another small store AND a delicious crepe from Mr. Crepe.

The outfit:
The detail shot:
The friends:
The roommate:
The lunch:

The dessert:
I also received this gem from my mom at around 10pm:
The socks with sandals. The above-the-knee shorts. The towel bib. The bowl in hand. The finger raised towards the heavens. Classic dad. So classic.


dress- Anthro
shoes- Banana Republic Outlet

cupcake- Mojito Cupcake from Kickass Cupcakes
crepe- arugula, ricotta, and portabella mushroom crepe from Mr. Crepe

dad's clothes- from the Dorky Dad Store. He buys all of them there. He's so embarrassing! :)


Kelly said...

Oh Em, I totally see that your style comes from your padre ;-)

Love you! Kelly

MissKellie said...

Your dress is so cute! :D

Samantha said...

gorgeous photos lady, your so pretty<33

Sylvia said...

davis square <33333

Emily said...

i knowww, it wasn't the same without you!!

Anonymous said...

girl with yellow shirt and blue and white skirt = outfit LOVE. would you ever so kindly mind asking her where those items came from??

Claudinette said...

Ton père à l'air si drole ! Les photos prises de la nourriture, de tes amis, de ton outfit, ca fait un post très intéressant. La jupe blanche et bleue de ton amie est très belle d'ailleurs.

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