Friday, September 18, 2009

Earth Cueca

About 5 years ago on my exchange trip to Chile, the other exchange students and I were forced to shakily perform La Cueca, Chile's national dance, in front of the entire student body of Trewhela's English School. The best part? Since there were slightly too few boys on the trip I spent most of our practice sessions dancing with our Chilean music teacher, Senor Ricardo. The performance was not a total disaster (we did the dance twice and repeated a couple boys so there were enough to go around) but my white button down, black pants, and prim bun were not well suited for the occasion. I probably should have gone with something a little flouncier, like this ruffled off the shoulder top:

Cool how my skin is the same color as the wall? Awkward.

top- H&M
skirt- Urban
stockings- Hue
shoes- Target

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