Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Angela

Halfway through class today I realized how Angela Montenegro-esque my look was:
Well, mostly just the jacket and boots:

Last night I went through my roommate Danielle's entire wardrobe and decided 4 pieces were must-borrows. This top is one of them. Funnily enough, she's actually wearing my dress today.

I got these boots in the mail yesterday afternoon and haven't taken them off since.

top- Anthropologie?
jeans- Nordstrom
jacket- Mexx
belt- Aero
boots- Target
ring- present from ex-boyfriend (is it weird that I still wear jewelry old boyfriends have given me?)
earrings- Laila Rowe


Anonymous said...

no one can see your earrings, asshole.

Emily said...

But I'm still wearing them. Thanks for taking the time to look at/comment on my blog!

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