Friday, September 4, 2009

The lampshade effect

Yeah, so there was no post yesterday because my camera was misplaced. But now I can wear that outfit again! Eventually...

Anyways, here's today's ensemble:
I saw this skirt in the Reston Town Center Anthropologie and fell in love. When I showed it to my dad online he said it looked like a lampshade. Several days later my mom decided to buy it for me with his money. HA HA, DAD. HA HA.
Fortunately he liked it when he saw it in person.
I never thought I'd get the chance to wear this fancy Urban headband but I've actually donned it twice in the past two weeks!
These bangles were given to me by one relative or another. Possibly my Jewish nana or maybe one of my Aunts.
Isn't the pattern awesome? I actually started the day out in a green cap-sleeved sweater (you can see it draped over the foot of the bed because unlike normal people who put away or wash their clothes I like to throw them around the room. For decoration.) but it got too hot.

tank- Nordstrom
skirt- Anthro
sunglasses- H&M
bangles- heirloom
shoes- Target
necklace- Gifted
headband- Urban

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