Friday, September 25, 2009


The top I wore today was originally a strapless dress. The night before I left for school I hacked the top off to make it into a skirt. It also works remarkably well as a belted tunic. I love versatility!
I used Liz's camera for today's shots. Although my dad offered to give me his I'm thinking about just biting the bullet and getting myself a new camera. Thoughts on what model is best for a starving college student/avid photoblogger?


dress turned skirt turned tunic- Wet Seal
belt- Club Monaco
jeans- Nordstrom
shoes- Target


Samantha said...

gorgeous lady, i love the floral<3

Anonymous said...

hello:) new to your blog. love your bangs and style:)

Elaine said...

Yay!!!! Now we can be TWINS!!! Except you'll be the more gorgeous one!!!

Banapple said...

Fujifilm actually is nice.

and nikon coolpix is what I use.

canon powershot is always the best :)

Emily said...

My baby I broke was a powershot :( I'm so sad.

And shut it Elaine! We can be equally gorgeous twins :)

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