Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15-- Dinner in Old Town

I love Old Town, Alexandria for many things-- the beautiful waterfront restaurants, the quirky boutiques, the great ice cream, the adorable townhouses, and, most notably, the well-dressed inhabitants. So you'll understand that picking an outfit for a dinner out in Old Town on a perfect summer evening required a special outfit.
How is this outfit special? Well, I'll tell you:

1. I borrowed my mom's vintage gold bracelet (on my left wrist)
2. I got the necklace from some random vendor at the GSU (for all of you not acquainted with the BU campus, GSU stands for George Sherman Union, where we get our food).
3. The skirt isn't actually a skirt-- it's a strapless dress that I folded down and tucked under the waistband. I had to belt it because otherwise it looked like I was wearing a petticoat.

The pendant is actually clear, not black, which makes it very versatile. In an attempt to show what it would look like with a different background I plopped it down on the railing of my deck so the wood would show through. Unfortunately, the bird poop I didn't notice was chillin 1inch away from where the pendant lay decided to ruin the shot. Foiled by fowl yet again!

necklace- vintage, randomly acquired
bracelet- mom's
top- BP Nordstrom
skirt/dress- Wet Seal
shoes- Mudd

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