Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16-- hot jewels and fresh fruit

I spent the day looking at cute jewelry, vintage clothes, and incredible fresh produce. No, I wasn't in Heaven, I went to Eastern Market (on the Orange Line). If you've never been, GO. It's and outdoor farmer's/flea market held every Saturday and Sunday.

August in DC? Oh the humidity! Easy and breezy is the way to go. Please excuse my haggard appearance-- it was the end of the day.
The necklaces I wore. I'll post the jewelry I bought in a later post.
Unbeatable hummus (with Tostitos) as an appetizer.
Lyss and I made an incredible salad with fresh arugula, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, walnuts, cheese, and the most mouth-watering tomatoes I have ever tasted.
I've been wanting a straw hat for forever, but with only 2 more weeks in the District there's really no point.

skirt- Old Navy
top- Forever 21
necklaces- randomly acquired
shoes- DSW

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