Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13 plus a near-death experience on Bay State

Last fall I was on my way to an MIT frat with some friends when all of a sudden I heard a large CRACK followed by an intense pain in the shoulder area. At first I thought somebody had punched me in the back, but the sheer force of the hit was definitely too much to have been caused by one of my girl friends. Several minutes later, we concluded that I had been shot by a BB gun. At 11:30pm. On Bay State Rd... in the middle of Boston. The gigantic, throbbing welt I kept as a souvenir for the rest of that night was very similar to the one I got today as THIS HEADBAND SNAPPED into my arm mere hours after these photographs were taken. Damnit, Laila Rowe!! I want my $3 back!!
Injuries aside, I was wondering a few days ago how I could take my classy Ann Taylor Loft Dress and make it office-approp without losing the cute detailing around the neckline. It only took one trip to Target to find my solution-- a bolero. I understand that most people who wear boleros are under the age of 12, but at 20 years old I decided to take on the challenge of making the look chic and sophisticated (and simple, because I hate to fuss over my clothes when I'm working). How'd I do?

Bringing on the drama, as per use.

There was no time for makeup this morning so I skipped it.
With and without the bolero.
Translated to English it means "you and no other". This is one of my favorite and most unique pieces!

dress- Ann Taylor Loft
bolero- Target
necklace- a silversmith in Williamsburg
earrings- Brighton
shoes- DSW
headband/limp, useless piece of faux leather- Laila Rowe

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