Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29--so... why did I leave Virginia again?

'Twas a miserable day in Boston. Roomie Liz's flight was even delayed because of the "impending hurricane". The only good part of this weather was at dinner when a girl complimented me on my bright red raincoat and asked me where I got it. This got me thinking about all those poor girls roaming the streets in horrifying plastic bag ponchos simply because they don't know where to find a good raincoat. Time for a raincoat special! Here's mine. I got it from 344 on Newbury St. at the end of last year. It was about $60:
As my Jewish nana would say, "purdy shaaaahp" (which translates to "pretty sharp" for all of you not familiar with Jewish nanas and their accents). Photo taken by my amazing roomie Monique.

And now for the wonders I found on the infoweb:
Modcloth-- $99.99
Forever 21-- $29-80 (quite a steal)
Luii (via On sale for $64.90!

Aaaaand the rest of my outfit:
My coveted Urban bookbag (got it on sale at the end of last year).
My room has terrible lighting for pictures. I think I may have to use the common room from now on...
All my jumping pictures come out looking like this one.

bag and top- Urban Outfitters sale rack
shoes- Target
jeans- Nordstrom
necklace- gifted

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