Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7

My first outfit of the day was horrendous. I had to get my passport and drivers license pictures retaken. so I went for demure in a pink tank and white polka dotted cardigan. It was so girl-next-door... not my finest moment.

My second outfit, however, was much better!

soffe shorts, Urban tank, H&M sunglasses, some white Keds, and a decomposing helmet from my backyard shed. It had been awhile since my bike had seen the light of day... like ten years. In fact, MY bike was too small for me to even fit on-- I had to use my dad's.
At first I thought I had done the impossible and forgotten how to ride; however, I stuck with it and soon I was tearing around the neighborhood-- Hell on two wheels!! My dismounts are still a little less than graceful (read: it's a miracle my knees still have skin on them) but I think I have proved the old adage to be true.

After showering and having a lovely pizza dinner with the fam, I headed out for frozen yogurt with my friend Charlotte, and figured I'd throw on something sassy:

It was a good birthday eve, all in all... although I'm not very satisfied with how the pictures turned out. I feel like either my face looks good or my outfit looks good and there are unfortunately no pictures in which a happy medium can be reached.

dress- Nordstrom
shoes-Old Navy (I'm as surprised as you are)
and later I put on a Brighton necklace

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Sylvia said...

That dress is so pretty :D

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