Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17-- this is how I dress down

Kind of late. Sorry! I was spending time with my best friend, who just got back from her job as a park ranger in Colorado! Here's today's outfit:

The boots take the outfit to the next level.
All the pictures I tried to get of the scarf came out looking like these.
Special guest appearance by today's lunch:
Toasted multi-grain bread topped with Eastern Market hummus, spinach, and tomato and a slice of cheddar from a nearby deli. To make it vegan, take out the cheese and make sure the bread doesn't contain casein or whey. This sandwich was so good I had to divide it into two separate lunches to fully appreciate it's majesty. I cut it in half (triangularly.. triangually??) and ate one half at noon and the other at 2. As a side dish, I chose a fresh nectarine, also from Eastern Market.
If you're interested in more delicious healthy food, check out my fellow BU classmate Elizabeth's blog. She really knows what she's talking about.

cardigan- American Eagle (via TJ Maxx)
tank- VS
jeans- Nordstrom
shoes- DSW. or maybe Off-Broadway?
scarf- from Eastern Market!!
necklace- Linda Gissen

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