Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21-- bring on the rawhide chews!

I think there's something about the animal print that makes this dress irresistible to people who work at animal specialty stores because I was SO the talk of the town at Petsmart this afternoon:

I wanted to talk a little more to the cutie taking care of the birds but he looked kind of young and I didn't want to add a Sex Offender stamp to my already bountiful police record (kidding. the worst thing I've ever been convicted of is "Improper Driving". Yes, that is an actual offense. 1-to-9 miles over the speed limit, baby, when you get in the car with me you take your life into your hands).

dress- F21
belt- Target
shoes- my mom's
necklace- So Good on Newbury
sunglasses- H&M

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