Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19-- spandex and subsequent huge step up from spandex.

I'll start today with the outfit I wore to work out/take Tasia Boo for a walk.

There is a very good reason why you can't really see it-- it's entirely spandex and extremely unattractive.
Of course I wore this slightly cuter outfit to work for my Goodbye Luncheon and got a few blurry, grainy pictures to share.
Fortunately for everyone, Connie managed to capture a better moment on Broad Street after our sushi dinner. I had edamame and vegetable rolls. Yum!
Obviously my best friend is also a fashionista:

Soon after these shots, we came across a salon and decided to get impromptu mani-pedis (well, we got a total of one mani-pedi between the two of us-- she got a mani, I got a pedi). I chose OPI's Big Apple Red:
dress- Nordstrom, off the sale rack
necklace- made for me by my friend McLaren
purse- random NYC street vendor
shoes- Banana Republic Outlet

Connie's dress (that I'll definitely be borrowing at some point considering you can only be real BFF if you are are the same clothes size)- Urban Outfitters


Kelly said...

You both are looking super beautiful. Both dresses are absolutely stunning. I too have a Nordstrom floral print dress.

Anonymous said...

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