Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20-- Day to Night with George Clooney

In honor of my last day at work, I decided to break out the Modcloth skirt I just got in the mail. love. at. first. wear.

I stopped by the mall during my lunch break and took some myspace-style mirror pics in the bathroom after a mascara touch-up.
Later, I dressed it up a little bit for a dinner date with my cousin with the strappy brown heels I wore here:
Of course, one week before I leave to go back to school I figure out that my sister's room is the perfect place for pretty outfit pictures.
Thank god for Phantom Winnie the Pooh to ruin my shots.
The one thing I don't like about this skirt is how easily it wrinkles. When it arrived in its navy blue packaging, it looked like a little blue shar pei. Against my better judgment (the tag says dry-clean only and I am not exactly Susie Homemaker) I ironed it this morning. It looked great! However, by dinnertime it looked like I had scrunched it up around my waist and rolled down a hill, then taken it off, rolled it in a ball, and sat on it after gaining 50lbs. Fortunately for everyone, the wrinkles actually looked kind of nice. As I oh so eloquently explained to my cousin: "the wrinkles add character to it... like they do to George Clooney's face." Hence, the George Clooney skirt was born. And since I can't leave a good thing well enough alone, and enjoy making uncomfortable nicknames for things, I hereby dub this skirt The Cloon.
Which is cuter-- Clooney or the Cloon? Stay tuned for many more outfits to come, possibly involving both of the above.

The Cloon (also known as the Oklahoma Skirt. yawnfest.)- Modcloth
shoes- DSW
belt- Forever 21
tank- Target (birthday present from Connie 4 years ago!)
magenta top- also Target

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