Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot Child(ren) in the City

Classes ended on Friday so while everyone else was studying for finals Monique, Liz and I decided to spend the weekend in NYC. Good decision? Yes. Epically good decision.
Day one started out with some sightseeing, including Times Square shenanigans (excuse my marshmallow coat, I clearly chose warmth over style)And touristing at Rockefeller Center:And ended with dinner at a fancy restaurant
Best picture I could get of the threads. You like?Day 2 was shopping. Just shopping. It was like a dream. In the morning we hit up Macy's and Forever 21, then took the T (sorry, the Subway) to SoHo and went to a few more places there. I would have to say the honor of best decorations goes to Macy's:
Although Anthro's window displays were magical:
Included among other trip highlights were Santas with boomboxes:
Finding our way to famed restaurant/sweet shop Serendipity but not actually eating there (No dessert reservations? 2-hour wait to be seated? Really? Fail.)
And roaming around Herald Square in search of a lunch cafe
I think this building looks exactly like BU's College of Arts and Sciences, just 100 stories taller. It's probably a combo of the rectangular red flags and also the fact that this building IS CAS NYC VERSION. They're identical.

Hope everyone else's weekend was as fabulous as mine and happy studying to all who are finishing up the semester! Daily outfit posts will most likely resume next Tuesday when I'll be blogging from Home Sweet Virginia once more.

Dinner Outfit Details:
dress- Urban
vest- F21
shoes- ?
tights- Ann Taylor Loft (I got an amazing deal. go to ATL now and buy tights!)
necklace- The Limited
Coat- North Face


MissKellie said...

Aw, it looks like you had so much fun! I can't wait to go to NYC someday! :D
And I'm dying to go to Serendipity. Their frozen hot chocolate sounds INSANELY good! That sucks that the wait was too long when you were there. :(

D said...

awesome. i am going soon and can't wait!

LyddieGal said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day!
I love New York in December, it's almost magical.

the santas are hilarious.

I love the Anthropologie window displays, I took a pic of the NYC window a couple years ago; an igloo made of milk jugs, it was so cool! said...

What a fun trip! Glad you enjoyed it :)

S and O said...

Oooh I really want to go to NY, last time I was there there wasn't much time for looking around and shopping:)
love your pictures sounds like you had a blast!

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