Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Violets are violet, actually, that's why they're called "violets"

I just bought this dress at the Urban in Harvard Square last week. I'm actually kind of obsessed at this point. There's really nothing all that special about it and I usually hate purple but there's just something about the fit that I just love. Originally I was going to save it for my weekend trip to NYC but instant gratification won out in the end. Like it does most of the time.
Silly! Myspace shots never get old. Not even when you're 20.
My beautiful necklace was made by Kelsey of Works in Progress! Click here for her blog
I need to get some more tights before my semester in Paris! These are my favorite pair; Unfortunately they're riddled with holes at this point so I may have to toss them. I can't even remember where I bought them! Not fair!
dress- Urban
necklace- Works in Progress
boots- Target


Amy said...

You look so cute! I love that necklace.


Chelsea said...

oh, don't hate purple! it looks just grrreat on you :) well rich colors in general just suit you so well (I remember your red lipstick from a little bit ago). Anyway... I love the dress, and the tights are fabulous! I need to stock up on 'em too, but everytime I go to Target the selection is crappy. Ho hum!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Ohh lovely dress!

~kristie~ said...

love the boots

hope you can stop by and follow

Azriella said...

For good tights I would check out - they have like a million different kinds, and Filene's Basement if there's one near you. They have a lot of cute Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson tights right now for way cheap.

Jessica Druck said...

cuuuuuute tights!!!

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