Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes when I try to type "bloggers" I type "bloogers" instead

Today I went to a blog meet-up hosted by the lovely ladies of The Comm Ave Strut. I was actually unforgivably late (sorry again, girls!) and had to get ready in 5 minutes (check out the look I threw together below). Fortunately everybody was really chill about all of it. I can't wait for the next one. I'll remember to set my alarm, I promise!

Good thing the attractive neon orange date still insists on being there in every photo. Getting rid of it unfortunately involves reading the manual and I have more important things to do, like not doing any of my homework for the weekend until 8:17 on Sunday night. *sigh*

earrings- Eastern Market
dress- Nordstrom
boots- Target


Anonymous said...

eww, i detest reading manuals. i can so relate. love your look and got a chuckle out of "bloogers"

Anita said...

One of your greatest outfits! With your hair pulled back you look absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!

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