Sunday, October 11, 2009

Modcloth is taking over my life again

Have you guys been on Modcloth recently?! If I hadn't gone on a 4-hour power shop at Tyson's Corner on Saturday I would whip out my debit card and order one or all of the following:
These would have been the perfect summer wedges. Too bad they just came out. Could any of you Bostonians imagine wearing these in the dead of winter? It's hard enough to keep my extremeties from falling off, even in heavy boots and my infamous cream-colored floor-length down NorthFace. It's actually more of a sleeping bag than a coat.
How prim. I'd add a brightly-colored belt to make this dress a little less matronly.
I first saw a bow tie necklace on Betty several months ago and fell in love with the look. Very clever.
I feel like this last skirt needs a poodle on the bottom. Maybe they could use this poodle.


Alana @ The Comm Ave Strut said...

That skirt could be part of a very cute Halloween costume!

Anonymous said...

hey:) wasn't sure where to respond to your question or if you subscribed to the post, but i got that bib necklace in a little shoe boutique in winchester, va. i also saw what i think is the exact same one on modcloth. thanks for the nice comment:)

Anonymous said...

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