Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

Today I saw Hellogoodbye at the House of Blues! They were amazing. I can't believe I came too late to see Sherwood though.
My favorite (and only) watch. I can't actually tell time using roman numerals, so it's pretty much just a really fancy bracelet. This baby is from Brighton Collectibles, the store I worked at in high school. I ogled it for an entire year before finally getting it. It's an investment piece:

My earrings are also from Brighton, although my massive, unbrushed rat's nest is obstructing the view:

top- Charlotte Russe (one just opened up at Tyson's)
jeans- BP Nordstrom
watch and earrings- Brighton
shoes- Target


Emma Aubry said...

~*~BriGhToN LoVe ~*~ !!!111!!!1

Anonymous said...

i love that top! sorry to be stupid, but what does "bp" nordstrom stand for? :)

Emily said...

It's just the junior's dept of Nordstrom. I'm actually not sure what it stands for... I may have known at some point!

kelsey. ♥ said...

You are gorgeous! :) And you saw hellogoodbye?! jealous ;)

And thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm following yours now, meant to do that last time ;)

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