Saturday, October 17, 2009

The flower girl who never did anything

Four score and seven years ago my aunt Deb got married. It was decided that I would be the flower girl for the event. Normally, flower girls walk down the aisle before the bride, sprinkling the path with rose petals to make the walk more romantic. My duties as flower girl included wearing a flowered dress and... oh wait, that was it. Awesome.
Today was equally filled with flower girl duties (not), including waking up with full makeup from last night still on, running exactly one mile on the track at the gym before getting bored of everything and leaving abruptly, and listening to an indescribably boring segment from BBC Radio on Heloise and Abelard, the next book I have to read for my French lit class (and by "read" I mean stare at the words until they make sense. Which takes awhile).
At least I was able to do the last thing in flowery-girly style. Check out these sweet blooms:
My favorite part about this top? The sleeves. They're so triangle-y. Very flattering:
My bangs, instead of doing that cute brushed-off-to-the-side thing other people's bangs do, sat in a pile on the right side of my face for the afternoon:
The red shoes picked up some of the red flowers in the top:

top and tank- BP Nordstrom
shoes- Target
leggings- American Apparel
necklace- gift


Anonymous said...

you look so cute. i love those flats.

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Love this look. You look great!

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