Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh Virginia!

Whenever I think of my home state, a few seconds of "Oh Virginia!" by Blessed Union of Souls plays in my head. I was lucky enough to go back for the long weekend and it was a blast. It was also possibly the least fashionable weekend of my life. Here's a peek into my world:
I'm not a fan of carving pumpkins. One time I accidentally chopped off the tip of my finger cutting a lemon, so I don't think carving up an even bigger fruit is really all that safe. Good thing Sharpies exist, rendering all sharp tools obsolete:
I went to Markoff's Haunted Forest on Saturday night and was a little nervous about running through the woods in pointy-toe flats. Luckily my mom had some extra sneakers:
Check out my dad and his favorite little girl (besides moi!):

jeans- BP Nordstrom
tank- Hollister
sweatshirt- Forever21
sneakers- Privo
flats- Target


kelsey. ♥ said...

Haha! Great idea with the Sharpies!! :)

Anonymous said...

you look so cute. looks like you had fun:)

Emily said...

thanks girls! I did have fun :)

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