Thursday, October 15, 2009

My number-one tip for staying warm in cold weather

Wear tights under your jeans. It's really the best trick I've learned at school so far. Plus it's kept me from losing both my legs to hypothermia. True story. As of right now my favorite brand is Hue (available at dept stores and Anthropologie, I'm told), but I've also heard great things about We Love Colors.
Now, a picture of me giving a fan the stinkeye:
It's too cold for a fan.
I'm embarrassed to admit that these booties are real suede. I didn't know it when I bought them, I swear! And now that I can't take them back I guess I may as well wear them. They are very warm...
Faux pearls I got when I was in early high school, probably from some dept store:
Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my bangs are a trainwreck. On these occasions I pin the to the side with 2 bobby pins and pull my longer hair over them:

booties- Target
jeans- BP Nordstrom
top- F21
necklace- Macy's maybe?
ring- Eastern Market


Anonymous said...

Love those boots!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. :)

I love yours!


Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Gorgeous photos! Love those booties (minus the real suede part!) I have run into that myself.

Anonymous said...

you look adorable. thanks for the tips. you have that gorgeous hair/eyes combo i have always wanted! dark hair, light blue eyes. gorgeous! i so want thick down my back hair. sigh..

Taylor Sterling said...

you look so pretty! Great images!

Elaine said...

You're GORGEOUS! Love those ankle boots! The ruffling detail is too cute. Adn the tights under the jeans idea is amazing. I was thinking leggings but I tried it last year and it made me look fat and pudgy. So tights it is.

Lola vee said...

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