Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vive La Resolution


I will admit freely that for the past 21 New Years I have been one of those people who sticks her nose up at new years resolutions, declaring haughtily that nobody in the history of the roman calendar has had the tenacity to stick to their guns past Valentine's Day (if they even make it that far). What's the point of even participating in this tradition if its meaning fades so quickly?
This year I have decided to take a different approach to the whole idea of the new years resolution. My friends, this year I have taken a page from the book of some of my favorite courageous women (especially Sarah Von and Elizabeth) and compiled a list of 22 things I want to accomplish before my 22nd birthday on August 8th; a 22 by 22. And guess what? Whenever I accomplish one of these things, I promise to come straight home and blog about it! I don't expect you to actually read through every single one of these but I'm putting it out there into the universe that I want to accomplish these goals in the next 8 months:

1. Graduate college
Ok, duh. I'm set to graduate in May. I don't expect there to be any problems with this, but graduating is important and therefore is my top priority for the next few months.

2. Get a 4.0
Slightly more difficult than #1. My semester GPAs have been relatively awesome, but I haven't gotten a 4.0 since middle school and I want to try my hand at it again. I'm looking to go out with a bang.

3. Run a 7-minute mile
The fastest mile I've ever ran was just over 8 minutes. My most recent time was something like 8:17, but I've always thought the ability to run a mile in 7 minutes was extremely impressive.

4. Run a 5k race
Another physical feat I hope to accomplish. Maybe #3 and #4 will go hand in hand.

5. Ride a motorcycle
Totally silly, but I've never ridden one and I feel like it's much more freeing than simply driving a car. You miss a lot when you're inside of a box. I want to feel the open air.

6. Visit Chicago
For some reason I've always felt a pull toward this city. My dad moved there at 21, right after he graduated college, and he loved it. Emma Aubry Roberts, hook a sister up with a place to sleep?

7. Lose 20lbs
The list would not be complete without a cliché weight loss goal (she says through a mouthful of Cheez-Its), but I have put on a couple of pounds since I graduated from high school/left for Paris/rediscovered Funyuns and I would like to shed some of that by August.

8. Do a 30 for 30 Challenge
I hope you are all familiar with the wonderful blog Kendi Everyday (and if you aren't, please do yourself a favor and click the link) and the remix revolution she has played a big part in starting. The 30 for 30 challenge involves choosing only 30 articles of clothing (shoes included!) to remix for 30 days. Another catch? No shopping during the 30 days! You can read more about the challenge here.

9. Save up some money
I won't go into specific amounts (that would be totally tacky) but I do have a goal amount of cash I would like to have saved up before graduation. How will I manage this? Well, not buying more clothes all the time is one way. Not splurging on expensive, girly drinks is another (pomegranate appletini margarita mojito? No more). I could also take more advantage of the dining hall and less advantage of the readily available takeout mere blocks from my apartment. All things to think about.

10. Get certified to teach English abroad
This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I've been back in the US of A for 9 months now and am starting to feel the itch to live abroad again. I have gotten mixed reactions when I tell people about my tentative plan (ranging from "THAT'S SO COOL!" to "that's pretty weak"), but I feel like going abroad for awhile would be a great experience for me at this time in my life.

11. Take a bellydancing class
It's no secret that I am totally obsessed with the Middle East. How cool would it be if I added this sexy sport to my list?

12. Turn a heinous article of clothing into something wearable
One problem with this goal-- I don't have a sewing machine. Oh yeah, and I can't sew. But I will figure it out. I actually already have the item; I found it at Goodwill several weeks ago, and don't worry, it's just awful.

13. Spend a weekend in Canada practicing my French
I haven't been to Canada since my 12th grade ski trip to Quebec. The city was great. The 17-hour bus ride was not. Now that I live in Boston instead of Virginia, the drive will be a lot shorter. I'm also thinking of going to Montréal this time instead, since I have a friend who's in grad school at McGill. Decisions, decisions!

14. Go jetskiing
I may be able to accomplish this this week, since the resort I'm staying at offers a bunch of water activities. I'll keep you posted.

15. Go vegan for a month
I've been a vegetarian since I was 18 (although sometimes I cheat and eat a little fish. It's tough being a vegetarian who loves sushi), and I've tried and failed to go vegan a total of three times over this period, so I know I don't have the skills or resources necessary to maintain a vegan lifestyle at this point in my life. Also, I put cheese on everything, guys, it's so bad. But one month? I'll accept that challenge.

16. Make homemade ice cream
I've heard it's kind of hard, but it will be delicious. I am already handy in the kitchen, and would love to add ice cream to my repertoire.

17. Get a brazilian wax
Oh god, I am so going to regret this one, but I need to do it. I need to experience the mysterious and magical brazilian at least once in my adult life.

18. Sing in public
Not many people know this but I actually used to have a beautiful singing voice in high school when I took lessons. Next semester I am going to try to take lessons again (when I'm not hitting the books to earn my 4.0!) and hopefully my voice will improve to a point where I will be able to sing at a public venue without breaking any windows, mirrors, champagne glasses, eyeglasses etc.

19. Get eyelash extensions
All of my friends will tell you that I am a fake eyelash fanatic. I rarely go out at night without my falsies on. The problem is that they're a pain in the ass to put on and I always end up covered in eyelash glue. Can eyelash extensions solve my dilemma? It's worth a try.

20. Ask someone out
I have actually never asked another human being on a date (that I can remember). I have always been the asked, never the asker. And why not? I think it would be totally ballsy to take a risk like that. The next time an appropriate situation arises, I am going to go for it.

21. Make sushi
The vegetarian's dilemma. I inherited my love of sushi (along with a dry sense of humor and a pair of baby blue peepers) from my dad, a sushi aficionado. So sometimes I take the rules of vegetarianism a little more lightly than others. A little unagi once every few months doesn't make me a total hypocrite, right?

22. Do 22 hours of volunteer work
Ha ha totally cutesy, I know. I plan on starting out slow, then once I find a program I really like I'll stick to it. Hopefully this will be easy, given that BU has a great community service center.

There we go. My 22 by 22 is now out there. Let's make it happen, universe.

And please please please, tell me all of your hopes and dreams and goals for 2011 in the comments because I genuinely want to know everything about them.


Chalkdust and Boots said...

You probably know this, given your proximity to it, but the Boston Language Institute has an English certification program (geared for people wanting to do exactly what you do), so you can always check that out if BU doesn't offer anything [I used to teach Spanish/French at BLI, so I'm always plugging them]...

Emily Saltzberg said...

You know, I never even considered the BLI. But I'm looking online now and it looks like they have a solid program. There's an open house this month so I'll be sure to check it out then. Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it.

Kellie W. said...

This is a way cooler way to set resolutions! I wasn't planning on making any for this year, but maybe I should make a 21 Before 21 list for myself. :D
Can't wait to see what the hideous article of clothing you're going to make pretty is! That sounds like a fun project!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

I like this method of resolutions.
some things i can help you with/join in on ;) :
let me know which 5k you sign up for cuz i want to join!
vegan meals=yum. let's cook!
love belly dancing and brazilian waxes. seriously. go to the Studio in coolidge corner for the former, and total skin care (comm ave and babcock) for the latter
vegetarian sushi is so delicious and delightfully simple to make!
and i fully support visiting chicago, saving money, getting a 4.0, and asking someone out.
here's to a kickass 2011~

Indian Sarees said...

really nice post.. I love cartoons..

Tayler said...

haha these are great resolutions! my fav is the 7 min mile. because that was one of my goals a few months ago and i finally achieved it!

And thanks for following my blog, I wanna let you know that I am hosting a giveaway to all my followers, come check it out! Big Hair And Bikinis GIVEAWAY

mangocheeks said...

Really enjoyed reading your resolutions for the New Year and wish you the best.

Do some volunteer work. It holds you in good stead plus great experience. It was how I found my first employment after graduating.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great list of goals! Looks like you have a fun and fulfilling 2011 ahead of you :D LOVE #2,7, 11 (i love belly dancing!), 12, 17, 20: we have all those in common! Best of luck!


Jen said...

I'm loving these resolutions of yours! My favorites are #5, 19, 20, and 22 :)

Hope 2011 is kick ass!

Anonymous said...

My resolution is completely selfish and shallow because I find when I make altruistic resolutions they go wrong so fast. Why is that? So anyway, my resolution is to wear whatever I want. That may sound unnecessary, but where I live, it kind of is. I reach for what I want to wear and then I think that isn't going to play in Peoria. I don't live in Peoria; it would probably be more exciting than where I actually live. Don't ride a motorcycle. It is dangerous. I know this from personal experience. I'm not sure about Chicago, either. Now you will want to ride a motorcycle to Chicago just because I said you shouldn't. I knew I shouldn't have resolved to offer advice on resolutions!! Everything else looks pret-ty good although 20 lbs? Ridiculous. I also have horrible cringing memories of having asked a guy out once. LOL

Emma Aubry Roberts said...

GAH just reading this now! You are always welcome on my couch, lovebug. Though I would suggest waiting until at least April to visit. Believe me, you want to see post-thaw Chicago.

Also, just some food for thought: the way I do New Year's resolutions is to choose three words I want to live by in the coming year. It helps me consciously make broad, gradual changes to a number of areas of my life without getting overwhelmed by a laundry list of specific tasks I have to accomplish (and subsequently giving up). It's worked really well for me these past few years. 2011 is my year to be healthy, moderate and vulnerable. Wish me luck!


Casey M. said...

So just found this's pretty awesome, so felt compelled to comment.
I'm obs with your on 1. Have totally wanted to do 4, 6, 13 (not the French part, just the Montreal part), and maybe 15 for a week. 16 is awesome, and 17 and 22 aren't as bad as you think. I also do a very good 21 according to Sara, made of course with soyrizo. That is all. Let me know when you do 4/6/13!

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