Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoroughly Modern Muumuu

Normally I hate purple. There, I said it. I HATE PURPLE. But I couldn't help but love this trapeze tunic-dress when I saw it in the sale section at H&M last week. Game, set, and match. At least it's not orange? Whatever, you'll probably be seeing this guy a lot in the next week because tomorrow I ship out to Pompano Beach, FL until the 8th. Fortunately I have awesome parents who took my imminent New Years hangover into consideration while planning the trip and booked a 2:45pm flight instead of our usual 11:30.
H&M Tunic; Urban legwarmers; Rainbow shoes; Charlotte Russe ring
If you're wondering where I found the stunning background for this shoot, I can't tell you for sure (it would ruin the magic), but I may or may not have been hanging out in the parking lot behind BJ's for awhile this afternoon
Today's (and yesterday's) photos taken by my surprisingly talented mom:
She actually looks kind of stylish in these! Maybe I'm rubbing off on her. A girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

Yay! You do have awesome parents! (I'm a parent so I'm kind of biased. I hope this starts a trend!)

Anonymous said...

By the way, in the thumbnail on WR that background looks like you are standing on a beach! Or maybe it's just my monitor? Fooled me, anyway..

Ashley said...

I love this flower ring! I know what you mean about purple. I've been trying to wear more of it, but I usually don't find myself attracted to purple pieces. This dress, however, is so cute! I love the print.

<3 Ashley

Eli said...

aw your mama looks so cute :)

happy new year!

I also have a dress thing that actually used to be a muumuu that I love wearing as a dress!

salwar kameez said...

gorgeous designer dress.. the ring is also nice..

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