Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beach Bum

Even though I'm back in frigid Virginia, I thought it would be nice to show the outfit I spent the better part of this past week in:
Target dress; Aero bikini top; c/o Boy Meets Girl tote; H&M sunglasses
More outfit posts to come this week! I have several meetings in DC so expect some more business casual (aka the exact opposite of this).


Jan said... be at a warm sunny beach again...

Jan said...

Yay for wearing summer dresses in the wintertime! The Burberry was a steal on eBay. I picked up a Dior jacket once for $25 because the auction ended on Christmas Day. Best day for bidding. :)

Can't wait to see how your summer/winter dress works out!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

... Yeah, it's not like that in MA right now. I'm so jealous!

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