Friday, August 27, 2010

Etch a Sketch

Today was a magnificent day in Boston, perfect for perusing the shops on Newbury Street (Boston girls-- there is MASSIVE sale going on at LF Boston right now so get over there!). Fall fashions are out with a vengeance right now; However, the coolest thing I found today wasn't an article of clothing per se. It turns out that today and tomorrow the School of Fashion Design at 136 Newbury is having a "yard sale" of old sketches drawn by previous students. I found four totally different designs I couldn't live without. Check it:
a femme fatale
a '20s it-girl
a glamorous diva
and a Saks 5th Ave princess
How incredibly talented are the girls who drew these? They put my drawings to shame. So much detail in the clothing and the accessories:
That coat better be faux, Paula!
Also, look at this major sass machine:

I'm thinking of framing these and hanging them on my walls to make my room a little more interesting. At 5 bucks a pop, I could actually probably wallpaper my room with them.

Which one is your favorite? What would you do with these?


LyddieGal said...

How great are those?! I would love to see them framed and covering your wall space, that would be so fun!

Chic on the Cheap

LaToya said...

These are amazing! I would totally frame them. I heart the first one! The woman with the black bob and black dress kinda reminds me of me, lol.


Gah, I am SUPER jealous!! I blogged a while ago about fashion sketches, and I've been trying to find nice ones to frame for my room, but eBay only has ridiclously expensive ones!! I really like the 20s it girl...the detail is amazing! Enjoy ;) xo E.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

omg I LOVE the LF sale!! the clothes are ridiculously priced the rest of the year but there are some steals come spring and fall! and those sketches are gorgeous-bummed i missed these!

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