Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art supplies for the decidedly un-arty

Four years ago, I convinced myself I was an artist. I confidently signed up for IB Art as my elective class, ran out to Michael's and bought a bunch of art supplies, and immediately began dreaming of the day when critics would stare thoughtfully at my paintings and pencil sketches (which would be so lifelike, mind you, they would appear to be photographs) on the walls of the Hirshhorn and the Louvre and declare me a revolutionary. A genius! The greatest painter of our time!
Unfortunately there was absolutely no method to my madness (or knowledge, research, skill, conviction, etc.) and I learned far too late into the semester that art was not really "my thing". This was also apparent to the IB representative on the day of my final presentation when I failed to explain any of my random, half-assedly executed sketches, paintings, and sculptures to her liking.
So what's a non-artiste to do with the 10,000 sketchbooks she bought earnestly with every intention of filling them with portraits, landscapes, and collages?
Well, if that non-artiste also enjoyed fashion maybe she could let them rot in her desk for 4 years, stumble upon them in her drawer while looking for something else entirely, and use them as an inspiration/idea book for herself!
Images from LUCKY
She could paste in photos from magazines she's read (along with witty commentary)
Images from LUCKY
She could make illustrated wish lists (along with witty commentary)
It's wonderful albeit totally fortuitous when the cutest umbrella design just pops into your head...
She could put her ideas down on paper (along with witty commentary)
And in doing so she could even practice her sketching (maybe along with witty commentary?). Looks like this little rebel could be an artist after all! What do you guys think of the idea? Do any of you have an idea book?


Jen said...

i absolutely adore your idea book. it's inspiring me to make my own :) hopefully my laziness won't get in the way.

theblondeonewhohikes said...

love stuff like this. so cute :)

Azriella said...

Le sigh, I had the same idea about being a writer. I think I may still have the first page of my "novel" around here somewhere. Adorable book!

LyddieGal said...

Definitely a good idea! I love your little vintage hat sketch.

I have a similar sketch book sitting on my self, the product of a drawing class, taken in a similar manner.

One of the requirements was to sketch every day, and I found myself cutting dresses out of magazines and redrawing them to my liking.

Since the class's end, the sketch book has fallen by the wayside, but now I'm feeling inspired to pick it up again!

MissKellie said...

Great sketches! :) I'm going to start a little fashion inspiration journal this year too!

I had the same experience in the "life drawing" class I took a few years ago. I was so optimistic about it, and I ended up barely passing the class! Everyone else was so talented, and I was just embarrassed to show up on a daily basis. Clearly I'm not meant to be an artist!

Bug said...

Love your book, I need one. I was thinking about an inspiration board. Have a great new year hun :)

kanishk said...

hopefully my laziness won't get in the way.

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