Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I recently got an email from a woman named Gretchen Peters. She saw my "10 things" post and emailed me to learn more about my sister, Lauren (or Lolly, as I like to call her). Gretchen has a 5-year-old son, Simon, who also has Pallister-Killian Syndrome. She has helped put together a non-profit organization for families of PKS children, called PKS Kids. What an incredible resource the internet can be!
Lauren and me around New Years 2009
Since the syndrome is so very rare I doubt anyone who reads this blog knows anyone affected by PKS, but if you do, I would recommend checking out this website. And if any of you have family or friends affected by any mental handicap I would love to hear your story!


Bug said...

Wow, how wonderful. You never know how will come across your blog. Very cute pic. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I adore yours :)

Jen said...

such a lovely post. the internet is such a great place to be able to connect with others who go through the same things you do. :)
and i love that picture, it's adorable!

Taylor Sterling said...

WOW, how amazing she contacted you! Great post and you and your sis look beautiful and happy!

michelle_ said...

the internet can be incredible !
im so happy for you to get the email . you and your sister look beutiful .

thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
loved this post very much .
thanks for sharing..

visit / comment / follow me back at..

kanishk said...

i love that picture, it's adorable!

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Anonymous said...

awww, what a sweet video on the site. such a nice way for people to connect. wonderful. i work with preschoolers with special needs and become very close to and sometimes completely attached like family to my students/parents. i have never heard of pks and was shocked by how rare it is. i help with various disabilities with a large number of my caseload on the autism spectrum. i love my rewarding job though sometimes it's really tough. thanks for this lovely post. love the photo.

Megan said...

Two of my favorite people! You know my story of being friends with your sister. It's been a wonderful thing.

I hope you are having a fantastic time in Paris.

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