Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy and Colorful Eastern Market

If you find yourself in the land of my birth (aka Washington, DC) for a weekend during the warmer months of the year, Eastern Market is a great place spend a few hours. Eastern Market is a gigantic flea market/farmer's market in Southeast DC that has everything from vintage bags to colorful paintings to delicious fresh locally-grown produce. And oh my god, the jewelry. See for yourselves:
In addition to inexpensive jewelry, the market also hosts independent designers, including Shobha Ohal, and Leah Sturgis. If you like cool, unique jewelry, please check them out!
If you look hard enough you can even find fortune-tellers!
One of the produce stands has the coolest little vintage cash register. It still works, too! Probably because they don't let anybody touch it.
Peek a boo!
Eastern Market has its own stop on the Blue and Orange Metro lines. Even if flea markets aren't really your jam, this is still a really cool area with great restaurants, including my favorite French place, a little bistro called Montmartre. I can't really describe how good the food is there, so this will have to suffice:

Does your city have an Eastern Market equivalent? What are your favorite weekend activities?


Melrose said...

it all looks so amazing! we have a market too in downtown ottawa, but it seems to have gotten smaller over the years :(
and that new camera seems to be working out for you!

Jen said...

that register is pretty damn awesome, i need one of those in my life. :) this market looks like so much fun though. i definitely have to see if there's anything like that near me.

LyddieGal said...

Open air markets are so fun, I'm loving those rows and rows of jewelry...

Chic on the Cheap

X'tian Ou said...

yesss! here in NYC, we have brooklyn flea market and Hell's Kitchen Market. Ahh I just love going to these flea markets and find vintage stuff! i came across your blog and really like it, keep it up!

Andee Layne said...

oh this looks like heaven! we have an OC swap meet but dont feel like there's no originality there.

The October Issue said...

Look at all the colorful jewelery!

Taylor Sterling said...

wow this looks like a lot of fun!

Victoria said...

Oh! Looks like a feast for the eyes and the stomach and these pictures look so lovely and colourful! :)

I really like your blog, so I've joined your followers.

If you get chance please check out my blog Thank you xxx

Brittany Hock said...

oh love this post! That french food looks to die for! I wish I had an Eastern Market equivalent, but chicago doesn't!

Check our my blog soon for some cool post :)

Thanks! Love your log!

Sassi said...

so many jewelry - wow!

CHIC Sensibility... said...

OMG! All that jewelry looks amazing.

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