Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will Summer bring the feeling back to our toes?

Since today marks the second day in a row my boss has worn jeans to the office, I feel like there's no point in continuing to stretch my distinctly Casual wardrobe into five separate Business Casual outfits a week. Not that you guy have seen any of my business casual looks (oopsie). I'll try to post more outfits, but it's pretty hard to find friends who have enough free time to take my picture/it's pretty hard to take selfies when you don't have a tripod. Just sayin'. Also just sayin' my birthday is next Monday, so...
Francesca's dress; AA leggings; LOFT scarf and sandals: H&M bag; belt via Buffalo Exchange; Anthro cardigan

Photos by Ursula


Chelsea said...

oh holy moley that dress is gorgeous! and I love how you've styled it. I'm so partial to leggings looks... love how they bring warmth and coverage to summer outfits. anyhoo... my tripod was the best thing that ever happened to my blogging... taking photos is so much faster!

Emma Aubry Roberts said...

When you visit we are photographing each other into oblivion. Start selecting your A-game outfits NOW.

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