Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thigh Warmers

It's awesome having a camera that doesn't work inside, especially if you like your pictures bright orange, overexposed, and blurry.
It took SOMUCHEDITING to make these look even kind of ok.

Funny fact about this skirt-- I don't know how European sizing works so I accidentally bought it too big. It fits in the hips but the waist is like, HUGE. In order to help fill it out I cooked myself a big, traditional French dinner of spaghetti and a baked potato.

headband- CVS
t-shirt - VSPink
skirt- Etam
tights- Hue
leg warmers - Claire's
boots - Target


Becky said...

God I wish I could summon carbs to fill out my wardrobe, but it's the carb summoning that makes me fill them out almost too much :) Hot boots!

MissKellie said...

Haha, my camera makes most of my pictures orange too! I know how to fix it by changing the exposure and whatnot, but it is SUCH. A. PAIN. So I usually don't bother, and just accept the orangeishness. :)


Anonymous said...

traditional french dinner...LOL! looking cute as always

Melrose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LyddieGal said...

The skirt is so cute, good thing you were able to make it work ;)

I hate it when I get the exposure wrong, even with editing, when it's wrong, it's just yuck. Considering, the first photo looks really good.

Chelsea said...

oooh love the thigh warmers! while pasta eating is definitely a fabulous waist filling option, what if you got an elastic belt to kinda cinch the waist in?

Weronika said...

I like this outfit. Paris sounds amazing! I'm having a really great time in Spain so far, and I've got a blog about that in my profile (across a blue blanket) if you're curious. I highly recommend my country!

Oringina said...

Liking the leggies. Headband is sooo cute.


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

boots + legwarmers is soo adorable. love this look.

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