Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paint it Black

Today I was an emo kid, non-conforming as can be:

I say that because this outfit reminds me of the Skinny Punk Phase I went through my freshman year of high school. Fortunately for everyone, embarrassing pictures of this time in my life do exist and I am willing to post one for all to see here on the infoweb:
5'6", and 118lbs-- 10 lbs of which probably consisted of my belt, 1000 necklaces, eyeliner (this was a rather tame makeup day), and nail polish.

I like today's version a little better. What do you guys think?

modern punk:
tunic and belt- F21
leggings- American Apparel
shoes- Target

2004 punk:
jeans and tank- BP Nordstrom (some things never change)
belt- Target
necklaces- Claire's and Hot Topic. Yeah, real hardcore.


Kass said...

haha, I like your dress in the present day post..

D said...

hee hee before and after:) love the after the best of course.

Chelsea said...

awww... how darling :) love your current day look but adore seeing your high school style too!

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