Sunday, November 1, 2009

100th post! Halloween edition

In honor of my 100th post I will bombard you with 100 pictures from this past weekend. Well, not actually 100 but still a lot of pictures. For the first night I was a cat-leopard hybrid type deal. I'm not really sure, it was kind of last minute:
Check out the shoes-- 5 inches! They really hurt and I could barely walk in them but they looked hot:On Saturday I went to a wedding with my friend Rob. I was stressing about what to wear to a Fall morning wedding, but I think I did a pretty good job putting things together:He was looking pretty stylish too in his little army suit:
I insisted that there be a shoe picture. He was amused:Then Saturday night I was an Effing Hipster, accompanied by a Greek goddess and a ballerina:
First outfit:
dress- F21
shoes- Tom Brown

Second outfit:
dress- H&M
tights- Hue
clutch- Marc by Marc Jacobs
shoes- Me Too

Third outfit:
top and tights-Charlotte Russe
skirt and headband- Urban
shoes- Jasmine Sola (RIP)
nerdy glasses- stolen from a friend


Anonymous said...

You look adorable in your cat costume! I am LOVING those shoes, but I am very sorry that were hurting you (They are so cute though).

Your dress for the wedding is perfect! Great day too for a fall wedding. :)


Anonymous said...

i know i am stupid and have been too lazy to look this up, but what is a hipster? love the cat costume. you look pretty for the wedding. great dress!

Emily said...

Haha it's kind of hard to explain. I didn't do all that great of a job emulating one... my hipster impression was actually pretty tame.

Check out this website for some of the more ridiculous ones: (NSFW)

Samantha said...

absolutely gorgeous, you look like meagan fox, i love your costume, laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

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