Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring break reminiscing

Although I am beyond excited for my spring break trip this year, I have been thinking about last year's trip a lot lately. Last year at this time I was living in Paris and during our break, three friends and I traveled around Spain and Morocco for a week. I was recently going through the photos and I realized I've never shared them on this blog! So if you're interested in seeing some cute shots from mystical, faraway places, look no further! And feel free to ask me any questions about these places, I

Our first day in Barça! I forget what was so important about this fountain. I think it may be famous?
Outfit shot.
Barcelona has the best farmer's market of any place that has ever existed. Just look at their selection of chocolates!
I have friends in Casablanca who were gracious enough to take the four of us in for a few days and show us around the city. The next few pictures are from the Hassan II Mosque, which was built in the 80s. It's the 5th largest mosque in the world (and it's pretty effing epic).
After bumming around the outside for a few hours, we got to go inside for a short tour
These are ancient Roman ruins just outside the medina, or inner city of Rabat. My friend Cailee is a huge archaeology nerd, and she was geeking out hardcore the entire time. Not that I blamed her, the ruins were awesome.
This next picture is a tomb in which several Moroccan kings are buried:
Marrakech/the Ourika Valley
My Moroccan best friend, Saida the baby dromedary! Dromedaries are camels with only one hump. Tasia got very jealous when she saw this picture.
View from atop my dromedary
The Ourika Valley. We spent this morning in a Berber village.

Well, there we go! I leave for Cancun at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and I'm bringing my computer, so check back for updates. If you're still in school, what are you doing for break? Are you going to blog about it? Let me know so I can follow your trip, too!


Becky-May said...

What a beautiful place!

The Flower Girl

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

love all your travels!! have fun in mexico!!!

Kellie W. said...

This entire trip looks so amazing! And that mosque is GORGEOUS, I'd love to visit there one day!
Have a great spring break! :)

LyddieGal said...

Spain looks so gorgeous, I simply must get there someday!
I'm not going anywhere for spring break (well, I don't have one anyway!)
but yours sounds like it will be so fun!!

Chic on the Cheap

My Fashion Confession said...

I studied abroad in Ireland, but I've never been to Spain or Morocco. It looks amazing!

Ashley @

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