Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outtakes, round 2

Once upon a time, a blogger only uploaded flattering pictures of herself onto the internet. That blogger... was not me. Here are some of my goofiest outtakes from the past few months.
outtakes 10
outtakes 09
outtakes 06
outtakes 07
outtakes 05
outtakes 03
outtakes 02
outtakes 04
outtakes 01
Ok, this last one isn't an outtake, but it is the last picture I took before I moved back from Paris 6 months ago (I spy something tall and Eiffely!) so I think it deserves a spot.

If you liked these, check out 2009's best outtakes here.


Elizabeth Jarrard said...

OMG i love you sooo much!!!! you're fantastic!

Jodi said...

you have GREAT dresses, I love them all!! and great photos too.. am a new follower and look forward to seeing other great outfits!!


Ali said...

Pshhh, "outtakes." You look awesome no matter how silly you might be! You are so adorable. :D

Sofie said...

Haha amazing idea! I love your blog.
I am now following you and hope you
will follow me back.


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